The news about Woodward opening a camp in Europe has spread around the Internet and has generated a great amount of interest. Woodward is involved in discussions to bring Woodward to Europe and is excited about the progress and current status of the project in Lenggries, Germany.

However, the process is far from complete. Woodward is looking to acquire the approval on a property, a location for Woodward Europe, which is subject to approval from several government agencies. As soon as Woodward receives the necessary confirmations, we will contact all of Woodward's friends from all over Europe for input on facility design and programming. Until then, keep your fingers crossed!

UPDATE:  with a positive decision for our project at the city council meeting from September 17th, 2012, the city of Lenggries granted building rights and operation rights. There are still a few obstacles to take, but we are making good progress.

Please come back for an updated website  soon.